Thursday, September 4, 2014

After Six Months...I AM BACK!

After six month of being in hiatus, I am finally able to go back to my blog. Unfortunately due to my current work load and limited free time, I had downsize my blogs and maintain only this one. (Well, maybe can also manage to update my other blog dedicated for the husband’s Transformers collection). 

My absence was as always due to work assignments. I was deployed again for a one-month audit assignment in Rome last May (I will sharing bits and pieces of the trip in my succeeding posts) and then there’s another assignment which really is taking too much of my time and energy. Really, too much responsibility was placed on my shoulders with this current assignment and I feel so helpless about it. I know I should be thankful since it is another blessing from God. I guess I am just not prepared for the sudden change in my career plus the fact that it’s really something that I DO NOT dream about. 

There was a point that I really thought I would be able to go back to blogging because of my super busy schedule. But I really couldn’t give up blogging. I may not be as good as most bloggers but I feel that I must continue blogging to keep me sane. Hehehe… 

I am back and I will be updating this blog as often as I can. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

La Creperie Shangri-La Mall

How can lose weight when I can't stop my cravings for sweet?!? Ugh! I really envy hubby's niece who wants to gain weight.

And speaking of cravings, another food trip that I had with hubby was at the La Creperie in Shangri-La Mall. It was my first time at La Creperie and, being a crepe lover, I was overwhelmed with all the gourmet crepes to choose from. I ended up ordering the Strawberry Mango Jubilee, this was crepe with fresh mango, strawberry and kiwi in orange rum sauce, topped with vanilla ice cream. 

I guess it's a good thing that there's no La Creperie nearby 'cause I'll definitely make it a point to try every gourmet crepe that they have to offer and load up on calories! ;)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Furla Candy Bag From Hungary

One remembrance that I got from Budapest that I really really L-O-V-E is this Furla Candy bag. I had my eyes on Candy Bag since early last year but I knew that another bag would be too much since I just got my LV Speedy 30 Mon Monogram in July 2013. I was ready to cross it out from my wishlist knowing that it's already too much. But while I was in Budapest I learned that we can buy signature items and be able to claim a tax refund at the airport upon departure. The idea of buying a Furla Candy Bag at lower price (its market price in Hungary was lower compared to the market price here in the Philippines) and be able to claim for tax refund was just too tempting that I ended up giving in to the temptation 2 days before we left.

My Candy Bag was part of Furla's Fall/Winter collection but when I looked at the Furla shop at the Shangri-La Mall, I realized that we are a few months behind because they do not have the Candy Bags from the Fall/Winter collection.

The Candy Bag also has a padlock but it doesn't require a key. You'll just have to pull and twist to open the padlock. I doubt that Furla's padlocks are made of brass so I decided not to take off the plastic that protects it.

Furla bags are made in Italy and you can see this in many parts of the bag. One place where you can see it engraved is at the back of the padlock.

You'll also find the "Made in Italy" written on the tab near the zipper.

And then other on the bottom of the bag.

Two things that I really appreciate when shopping abroad are the tax refund and the fact that prices are much cheaper. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Online Shops Goes International

Online shopping has indeed become a more preferred way to shop conveniently. With just a few clicks you can make a canvass from among suppliers, make a purchase and have the item delivered at your door step. As online shopping becomes more popular, scheming online sellers will always be part of the picture; on the other hand, legit and reputable sellers are making their online shops more and more client-focused. While I looking for a rogue amplifier from an online shop where I usually make a canvass for musical instruments, I have noted that they are now serving clients worldwide. In fact, they also have special offers and coupons for international clients. I guess gone were days where US-based shops were limited to shipping items only within the US and Canada.