BC Bloggers' Party - My "Me Me Me" Post

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have decided to make this post today just in time for the big day of the BC Bloggers' CEO, Joanna Paula  (I fondly call her Pretty Paula). But before anything else, I wish to greet this very lovely lady a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and more happy years to come!

Now it's time to reveal something, or should I say a lot of things, about myself as requested. Actually, I find this a really nice idea since this will allow us to get to know each other more. Unfortunately, I still want to keep my true identity private given the fact that this blog is open for the whole world to read. So please bear with me if will not show photos of me and my family or reveal my real name...at the moment. Perhaps time will come when I will finally decide to reveal my true identity...So anyway, except for my name  and the way I look, I will share with you boring things about myself so grab some chips and munch away to keep you awake while reading this post....I am not kidding! This will really be BORING so don't blame me for not giving an advance notice! LOL!

Me as a Daughter. I am from Bulacan and the youngest in the family. I have only one sibling, a sister who now lives in the US with her family and she is 8 years older than me. As of the moment, my husband and I are living with my parents; not because we are dependent, can't stand on our own and have no desire to have a place of our own, but because I cannot bear to leave my parents alone in the house with no one else around especially now that they are both in their late 70s. I just can't bear the thought of not being around them if in case anything happen. 

My love life. I met my husband in 2002 through my cousin and we actually met via text message (not very unusual in this time and age, huh?) When we were still in the boyfriend-girlfriend stage, we really went through a lot and looking back, I am thankful to all those trials that we had to go through because those made our relationship stronger. We got married in 2007, just a few months before I turned 30. We had our civil wedding in May  2007 because they said that May is the luckiest month to get married. The funny thing was that although we were already married, we were not yet allowed to live under one roof and we had to wait for our church wedding. Thank God we only had to wait for 34 days! Hehehehe....Our church wedding  was held the following month, at  Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine in New Manila and it was the happiest day of my life! We were able to plan for our wedding 1 year in advance and I really had a grand time preparing for our big day.

Me as a Catholic. My favorite church is the one located in Marikina City know as "Our Lady of the Abandoned". I also love to visit the Philippine Center for St. Pio of Pietrelcina, and I am hoping that one day he'll intercede for us and have our greatest wish granted.

Me & My Career. I earned my degree in BS Accountancy in 1998 at Centro Escolar University and luckily, I was able to graduate Cum Laude. The following year, I took and passed the Certified Public Accountant's licensure exams. I now work for the government and I've been in the government service for more than 9 years. I'll be celebrating my 10th year in government service in October.

Me as a Person. I can describe myself as a simple girl who loves to make friends. And I am proud to say that I am a loyal friend.   However, I really hate conceited people who thinks so high of themselves. You see I make it a point to maintain a low profile, perhaps that is the reason why those kind of people really annoys me. I also love fashion and beauty. And just like most girls, I am a certified shopaholic! A true blooded shopaholic that I really wish I could live a "credit card-free" life before the year ends. 

Me as a Blogger. My addiction to blogging started only in November of last year as a result of my curiosity. At the time, I was wondering why so many people were so into blogging...Now I know why....not only do I get to meet interesting people and gain new friends, but I was able to earn a few extra as well! Weeee Heeee... Indeed, have turned into a certified blog addict! My husband would at times jokingly complain that I have no time for him and that I have devoted all of my free time to my blogs. I know have 3 blogs:
  • Just Simple Thoughts - my personal blog
  • Hubby's Hobby - I've started this blog for my husband and his deep passion for transformers; unfortunately, since we do not share the same passion, I wasn't able to update this blog as often as I should. But I am happy that it now has a PR1 so I am planning to make regular updates on this blog as often as possible.
  • Sulong Pinay - this is my latest baby. I've decided to start this blog to help empower the Filipino people, particularly, to help those who are thinking of starting their own business.
Are you bore to death already? You may opt to just read my post on the first ever blog award that I have received since it already has 7 things about myself.

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