A Vow To Be Physically Active

Sunday, June 06, 2010

One of our former tenants visited my Mom this morning and we were so shocked at how slim she is! She doesn't have any excess fat hanging on her waist! Of course I asked her to share her secret on how she managed to be that slim considering that she used to be so chubby. According to her, she goes to the gym everyday, she jogs every morning, and she eats a healthy diet. She further stressed that she does not include red meat in her diet.

I was so inspired by her transformation that I immediately told my husband about this and we promised that we would start playing badminton and become physically active as soon as I get well. In fact, exercise and staying physically active is the safest fat burner known to man. Aside from playing badminton, we are also planning to jog every weekend so that we can have as much exercise as possible. I just hope that we really can find the time to be physically active by the time I get well because I can feel that our bodies really needs the exercise.

You probably noticed that I didn't say anything about her diet...Well, that's because I really cannot forego the red meat and I do not eat fish so I'll just have to focus on the physical activity. But honestly, I really need the exercise because I have noticed that I can no longer carry my weight and I am finding it so hard to climb 3 flights of stairs.

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