New Samsung LED

Monday, November 19, 2012

Last weekend we decided to get a new TV, specifically, it was a 32-inch Samsung LED TV. This recent purchase, however, was not due to another whim but because of this:

Our 3-year old 29-inch Sony LCD TV had a transformation a few months ago – from being a TV, it suddenly turned into a radio. This is so because when we turned it on one day the screen was a total black and all we can hear was the audio. We were a little disappointed that such technical problem would occur so soon, considering that it was bought just 3 years ago. Anyways, we had no other choice but to have it repaired at the Sony Service Center.

As a common standard operating procedure (SOP), we were informed of the parts that need to be replaced and its estimated cost. According to the pre-repair evaluation, the LCD panel has to be replaced and the estimated cost was Php21,000! With that amount, we can get a brand new TV. And that was what we just did!

We pulled out our LCD TV from the Sony Business Center and bought a Samsung LED for only Php15,500! Though it didn't come with a flat screen mount, the cost of a new TV was even cheaper that the cost of having our old one repaired. I just hope our new Samsung LED will have a longer life span.

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