Silly Me :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

For 5 years hubby has been washing our car the traditional wash – that is using buckets of water. This is so because we wanted to conserve water. This is the task he normally does at night, after work. I really feel so sorry that he has to do it the conventional way. Tired from work and he still has to carry buckets of water, not to mention that it’s time consuming to do the task that way.  Because of this, I told hubby that I think it’s time we get a hydraulic hose. To this, hubby gave me the weirdest look ever and asked what are we going to do with a hydraulic hose? I told him those hose that are used in auto shop for car wash to make his task of washing the car easier. To this hubby laughed so hard and I was like "what's so funny?!?" It turned out that hydraulic hose are used to multiply torque and uses hyraulic liquid to do its task. Whatever that means, I obviously used the wrong adjectives and that was not what I was referring to. :) What I had in my was a pressure washer hose! Hahaha!!! Silly me! :)

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