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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I have been neglecting my blogs again...I know that it’s a bit “unfair” that I have been sacrificing my blogs every time I am busy with work and other personal activities. This time, as always, my full time job has been taking my time away from doing online activities. Truth to tell, I have been dreaming to take a few days off to recharge my tired batteries. Unfortunately, with the amount of work load that I have on my table, it will be just that – a dream.

Aside from my regular job, helping hubby put up his dream business also consumes whatever free time I have. Well, he’s planning to put up a professional car wash business. By professional car wash, I mean professional trained crew and all branded products – from car shampoo to wax. It’s actually exciting to put up this kind of business because most existing car wash shops only uses generic car shampoo that can ruin a car’s top coat.

Exciting as it may be, looking for the perfect location can be quite frustrating. It’s almost a month now since we started scouting for a location and every time we found one, a problem will always crop up, either the term of the lease is too short or there would be a problem with the land title. Hubby already has a business name registered with the DTI. Actually, everything is all set except for the location. If I am to compare, tube bending services is by far easier to find than finding a perfect location for a car wash business. Oh well, that’s part of the adventure in putting up a business.

So that pretty much explains my silence...

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