Nike Air Max 2013 on the GO!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nike Air Max 2013

Just sharing my latest purchase...a Nike Air Max 2013 Ext!!! This is to push me to do more physical activities. :)

It was actually hubby who encouraged me to get a Nike Air 360. My original plan was just running shoes from previous seasons so it would be much cheaper but hubby said that a Nike Air (specifically the latest 360) will provide the best support and cushion. He said that I should at least try it on before I say “no” which I did. Hmmmm...The Nike Air Max 2013 Ext was simply so comfy that I finally decided to get my own pair.

Whew! This is my most expensive training shoes to date! That being that case, I promised myself that I must use my shoes to the fullest and for the purpose it was intended for - to lose weight. This is also the reason why I said that I am pushing myself to do more physical activities. Now, aside from running-slash-walking, I am also playing badminton with hubby on certain days. :) 

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