Looking Back, Project Invitation

Friday, May 10, 2013

Few weeks from now, hubby & I will be celebrating our 6th civil wedding anniversary & on June 30 will be our 6th church wedding anniversary. Oh, how time flies…I have been sharing in my blogs some of the details of our big day and the preparations how we prepared for it. I really had so much fun preparing for our wedding. Yes, it was stressful but it was so fulfilling to be hands-on in every aspect of the wedding preparations.

Looking back, one of the things that we made ourselves for our big day was our wedding invitations. I want our invitations to have a personal touch and what can be more personal than making the invitations ourselves. I always thought the making invitations would be easy considering that quality paper and boards are ready available in bookstores. True enough, invitation making was easy and fun. We had to pay for envelope printing though because we need nice envelopes to make our simple invitation look elegant.

It was nice to look back and reminisce the months of preparations. Actually, I want to experience those again (stress and all) with the same man (of course) but minus the expenses involve! :)

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