Thoughts on Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A health facility such as the dual diagnosis treatment centers is something quite new to me. Actually I learned about it only this morning while I was reading an article online. From what I’ve gathered, it is a health facility for the treatment of two disorders or illness that occurs simultaneously or sequentially. An example that was given is someone with alcohol and drug abuse problems, as well as those with psychiatric problems. 

Honestly, it’s difficult imagine how hard it must be for both the patient and the family to deal with disorders that occur either at the same time or successively. Dealing with one illness is hard enough, how much more if one was diagnosed with two disorders – like alcoholism & drug addiction, or depression & anxiety. 

Well, of course that’s exactly the reason why there are these treatment facilities that has the expertise to deal with such problems. I know that bringing a family member to a treatment facility can be a stigma to society but may take on this issue is this: looking after the well-being of a loved one is something that shouldn’t be ashamed of. Thinking of what other people will think or say won’t make someone ill feel better. 

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